Author: Wendie Taylor, RDN, LD, MBA

Wendie Taylor is a food relationship coach and emotional eating expert. She is the founder of her signature program, Finding Food Freedom, and is passionate about helping women give up chronic dieting and food obsessions, so they can cultivate a healthy relationship with their bodies and food. Wendie believes that community, relationships with others, and our relationship with ourselves rise above number-counting and unrealistic expectations around food, eating, or body image. She believes we all deserve to respect the body that we are in and we have the right to eat and enjoy all foods. It is her mission to help women break free from limited beliefs that are holding them back from who they are created to be. To work with or connect with Wendie, visit her site If you are interested in dipping your toes into Intuitive Eating and want to learn more about how to find food freedom, check out Finding Food Freedom here.