Are lash extensions safe? Dr. Anika’s solution

Are lash extensions safe? Woman wearing false lashes

In the last few years, a full lash line has become increasingly popular, but I often get asked: are lash extensions safe for my eyes and vision health? Even though patients always come to me with concerns about vision first, questions about the safety of lash extensions, eye cosmetics, and lash technicians soon follow. So much so that I created a line of ophthalmologist-approved products as the answer.

What kind of conditions can make my lash line thin?

Lash line thinning and stunted growth has many causes. I commonly see eyelash changes with hormonal and other conditions, like:

Will my natural lashes regrow from these conditions?

The best way to deal with lash regrowth is to work with a physician or healthcare professional. Find and treat the underlying cause of lash thinning. Once that’s addressed, your eyelashes can start to grow back within 6 to 8 weeks, but it may take a while to notice a fuller effect. A prescription medication, bimatoprost (Latisse), can help with the appearance of natural lashes. However, it does have side effects and the benefits stop when discontinued.

Are eyelash extensions safe or will they hurt natural lashes, eyelid skin, or vision?

Unfortunately, if applied incorrectly, used too often, or taken off roughly, adhesive lash extensions hurt your natural lash line. The skill of applying adhesive lashes matters greatly. The environment should be clean, otherwise bacteria can collect around the eyelash extensions and lead to an infection with redness and swelling. In cases like these, eyelash extensions are not really safe for your vision and you need to take greater care when choosing products and application.

Infections, allergies, and skin treatment with adhesive lashes

Untreated infections from adhesive can lead to scars on the cornea and affect vision. Adhesive lashes commonly cause uncomfortable allergic reactions. The adhesive used is called cyanoacrylate. Essentially, cyanoacrylate is super glue or crazy glue but applied to the skin. That means it is powerful enough to make lashes stick but also to pull at delicate eyelid skin. In perimenopause or menopause, when lower levels of estrogen already influence the skin’s level of hydration, this can be problematic.

What should I consider when choosing false lash extensions?

No matter what the reason—just because or due to a condition, women looking to enhance their lash line with lash extensions should first schedule a comprehensive eye exam (if overdue). Then, do your research. Get to know the lash extension product and/or technician you’re considering using. You want both your technician (if applicable) and your lash extension to be safe.

You’re an ophthalmologist. Do you wear false lashes?

I do. I love the look of lashes and know how much power they have to boost confidence with conditions where lashes have disappeared. But as an ophthalmologist, I always advocate for vision health first.

This mindset led me to develop safe lash extensions that accomplish both—the look you want plus your right to peace of mind that your eye health won’t be compromised by your decision to wear lashes. My line, OpulenceMD Beauty, is the only dedicated eye cosmetic line developed by an ophthalmologist.

What makes OpulenceMD Beauty lashes so safe?

I’ve practiced ophthalmology for 17-plus years. I’ve designed all OpulenceMD Beauty products personally, including lashes. Each and every product exceeds my standards for eye health and safety, along with quality.

Why we skip adhesive in favor of magnetic lashes

  1. Magnets do not weigh the lashes down or affect vision
  2. Lashes have a soft, flexible easy-to-apply band so you are not tugging at eyelid skin or natural eyelashes
  3. Magnets do not carry the same risk of allergies and infection as adhesive
  4. Magnetic lash application allows lashes to fully blend with the lash line

The iron oxide found in our lash magnets equals a safe concentration for placement by the eyes. We also use cruelty-free mink. Lashes can easily be removed and reused and adhere with our special eyeliner. This allows you to wash properly to keep the area around the eye clean and free of infection.

Where can I find OpulenceMD Beauty lashes?

Our range of safe lash extensions and other eye cosmetics—liner, mascara, and more—let you love your lashes while protecting your vision. For each lash purchase, we sponsor one diabetic eye screening for someone who couldn’t otherwise afford it. Want to connect on Facebook? Find us at @opulentlashlife for tips, tricks, answers, and updates.

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